My wife and I want to send you our deepest thanks for your help with our successful short sale. The last three years have been financially devastating for our family. Business losses, bankruptcy, and ultimately the decision to short sell our home were not easy. However, the well-timed short sale of our home will go a long way toward protecting and repairing our credit. It has been one month since our short sale recorded, and our credit fico is already at 641. Not bad considering. And it will only get better from there. We should be able to purchase a new home in less than two years. We are already pre-shopping for our next home. It is nice to feel a sense of hope again. My wife and I are comforted by the thought that our children will have a home again so soon. I also want to thank you for the professionalism which always accompanied your work. In an age when everybody “claims” to be able to close short sales, it was nice to work with one of the few true experts in the field. Again, my family thanks you. Keep up the good work.

Jeff and Meri Adams